All service providers have established businesses within the Beauty Boutique. Please use the information below to contact one of our Stylists, Estheticians, Makeup Artists or Nail Technicians.


Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist


Meg was born and raised in the Bartlett area. Meg finds assessing and addressing skin conditions a fun challenge and always rewarding. Focusing on anti-aging treatments and repair of sun-damaged skin, Meg is passionate about helping her clients with their concerns. Many of her clients were at one time “sun-worshippers,” and through the pairing of specific skin care products, light chemical peels and Micro-dermabrasion, clients feel their skin has been restored and rejuvenated. Relaxing and nurturing facials are her specialties. She encourages clients to take an interest in their skin because it is a long term investment in their health and well being.